Motor Scooter


The first ever motor cycle which was available for purchase was produced by Hildebrand & Wolfm├╝ller in 1894. This product (as seen on right) had a step-through body frame and had a down tube mounted fuel tank. It was powered by a 2 cylinder engine which was mounted low on the frame. It was the first ever mass produced powered 2 wheeler which was publically sold and one of the first vehicles which was powered by an engine and not by foot pedals.

Auto-Fauteuil was produced in france in the year 1902 and in US Motoped first entered into production in 10910.

Auto Fauteuil
Auti-Fauteuil (1906)

Since 1914, a compact scooter is being produced by the Autoped Company, New York for short trips. In this product the driver have to stand on a short platfor which is supported with 15 inch tires

A British engineer Granville Bradshaw in 1919 made a scooter with a seat and it was named as Skootamota. It was powered by s single-cylinder 123 cc OHV engine. Many scooters were created between the World wars. but the real scooter was started after the worldwar II. After World War II many big wartime aircraft manufacturers which were making aircrafts and miletary vehicles used their teams of engineers to produce Motor scooters. This was the time when Japan had its Motor Scooter boom. The Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon scooter was simply a by product of the WW II preprations of japan, it was largely made of discarded warplane parts and warplane wheels.