Motor Scooter

Development of motors scooters

The Motor Scooters had developed a lot from what they used to be in the post WW II era. Now Motor scooter are not nearly an vehicle for personal transport But they have evolved to be a lot more. Most of the High end motor scooter models now a days come with comprehensive technological features, which include cross linked brake system, integral counter balancing engines , cast aluminum frames etc. Some of the comfort features like start button, radio, alarm, heated hand grips etc are also a part of a modern day motor scooter.

Modern day Motor scooter can be seen in the following avatars

# Underbone : An underbone is a small motor scooter built on a single large diameter tubular frame.

# Maxi-Scooters : These are the large frame motor scooters with high power engines and are used for traveling purpose.

# Electric Scooters : These are the electrically powered motor scooter, which are gaining popularity as they are pollution free and does not burn fossil fuel.