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A Motor scooter is a basically a motorised cycle with step-through architecture. Motor Scooter we see today had the ancestor which could be called as the by-product of the World War technologies. Development of the scooter was a suitable place to put in use the technology built in World wars and the highly skilled engineers who made arms and army vehicles to the civilian applications. Independent development were made in US & Europebetween the World Wars.

Motor Scooter gained their global popularity only in the post world War II era. With the Introduction of Vespa and Lambretta motor scooters became popular in common public. Market compidition and other factor have evolved the present face of the Motor Scooter that we know today.

Motor Scooters were originally made as a personal transportation which was low powered in the range between 50 to 250 cc. But today they are used in wide verity of applications from personal transportation to quick delivery vehicle. howevery today we can even see motor scooters with the engines from 250 to 800 cc.